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As a member of the TOB Patron Program, you’ll get incentives that you won’t find anywhere else!  Not only that, but you’ll be supporting our continuing efforts to bring the world practical, sometimes life-changing personal growth advice too.

Check this out. With membership you’ll get:

      • Private, member’s only episodes (Get your free private episode here)
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      • And more to come!

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Bronze Membership gives you:

      • Access to private episodes
      • $3.00 per month or
        $30 per year 
        (2 months free)

Silver Membership gives you:

      • Access to private episodes
      • Request topics for the private episodes
      • Deeper Learning worksheets as they are released
      • $7.00 per month or
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Gold Membership gives you:

      • Access to private episodes
      • Request topics for the private episodes
      • Deeper Learning worksheets as they are released
      • Email coaching!
      • Ask Anything Hangouts
      • Live group trainings
      • $29.00 per month or
        $290 per year 
        (2 months free)


Membership Incentives Explained

        • Member’s only private episodes – Get new episodes not published anywhere else, not even on this website. Episode content will be delivered and formatted differently (a bit more raw and personal), and can range in length from a few minutes to an hour or more. These episodes are not posted anywhere else.
        • Request topics for the private episodes – On the regular show, questions or subjects recommended by listeners can take up to two months to air. In the Patron program (Silver and up), you can suggest a topic or ask a question and I’ll address it typically within a week in a private episode.
        • Receive worksheets as they are released – Many new Deeper Learning worksheets are in the works. Normally there is a charge for these worksheets, but as a Silver and up member, you get them as part of your membership.
        • Private email coaching – With a Gold membership, I will reply to your email with an in-depth response typically within a 5 day period (normally within a day or two), giving your questions the time and attention it deserve. Share your story with me and I’ll share with you my insights and opinions that just might help you get to a better place inside yourself.
        • Gold Hangouts – Once every 6 weeks or so, all Gold members are invited to hangout through video or phone and enjoy some Q&A and discussion. It’s a less formal and fun way to interact without any particular planned material to discuss. Use it as a live “Ask Paul” segment or just get acquainted with me and other members of the group.
        • Live group training – As a Gold member, we’ll connect in the most personal way with group video training calls. Every call is recorded so even if you can’t attend, you’ll find the replays available when you’re ready. I look forward to meeting with you in this more intimate environment.
        • More to come! As membership grows, incentives will be added automatically so there’s so much more I can’t wait to share with you.

All membership options include a no-hassle cancellation policy. If you need to update or cancel your membership, visit the Patron contact page here and scroll down that page for instructions.

I know you’re going to get every penny’s worth of your investment. I would love to connect with you on the inside – hope to see you there! Feel free to join by clicking on one of the member levels above, or ask your question using the form below.

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