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[symple_toggle title=”What is the TOB Patron Program?” state=”closed”] All the information on the program can be found here. [/symple_toggle] [symple_toggle title=”How does E-Coaching work? ” state=”closed”] Click here for a full explanation, including samples. [/symple_toggle] [symple_toggle title=”Why would I join if I can listen to the podcast for free?” state=”closed”] If you want to give back to the show, the Patron program is a great way to do it. Plus, you get all the private episodes, extra workbooks, and even email coaching when you join the Gold+ program. The show benefits by your contribution, and you benefit with resources you won’t find anywhere else. [/symple_toggle] [symple_toggle title=”I’ve joined but I want to upgrade to a different level, or need to cancel my membership. How do I do that?” state=”closed”] I make it easy to do both. To upgrade or downgrade your membership level, or cancel altogether, click here. [/symple_toggle]



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